E.S. did a one-hour session: the first half-hour of Dual Path Therapy, the second half of Sacred Bodywork. L.C. was dealing with pain in one shoulder and one side of the neck. Before the session L.C. rated the pain and accompanying emotions on a scale from zero to 10, zero being no pain or emotion.

Pain = 10. Frustration = 8. Sadness = 10. Doom & gloom = 5. Anger = 6. Annoyance = 7.

After the half-hour of DPT, the ratings were: Pain = 4. Frustration = 4. Sadness = 5. Doom & gloom = 1. Anger = 3. Annoyance = 2.

After the second half of the session, Sacred Bodywork, the ratings were: Pain = 0. Frustration = 0. Sadness = 2. Doom & gloom = 0. Anger = 0. Annoyance = 0.


L.C. states: “Overall, the experience was very different that any type of therapy that I have known and believe me, I have tried quite a few. This was very engaging, emotional and self aware. Made me think about things that I might have been sweeping under the rug and letting it out in the open – to myself and in a humorous way felt really good. Coupled with the body work, I walked out feeling like a different person.”