Possibilities in a Session

A session may involve working with a practice from my book A Dual Path: Sacred Practices & Bodywork. It may involve sitting in meditation, contemplation or talking together while going for a walk or over tea, exploration through movement, painting, sound, writing or getting on a table for some bodywork. Every session is unique and honors where you are in your life on any particular day  while also considering your goals and the direction you want your life, work and relationships to go in.

Be prepared to feel supported and challenged.

Possibilities include:

  • Creating a story board of your life.
  • Conversation over tea.
  • Illustrating your emotions with the use of color
  • Creating a ritual to mark a transition in your life.
  • Bodywork to work with physical holding patterns, emotions held in the body or to release blocked energy.
  • Exploring emotional, behavioral, physical and thought patterns.
  • Identifying your hopes and dreams concerning who you aspire to be and the life you hope to lead.
  • Working with a vision board to clarify the direction you want to go in and the steps you need to take.
  • Reading or watching something that may give you insight,
  • Learning and practicing breathing exercises.
  • Mediation and contemplation.

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