Dual Path Therapy Goals


Being in a bad mood, depressed, irritated, annoyed, or angry is a pattern of behavior that can prevent us from feeling happy, satisfied and present. Emotional, behavioral, thought and energetic patterns develop for any number of reasons. Sometimes the pattern is learned behavior, behavior we have witnessed, inherited from those around us; sometimes it is based on our experiences.

Any pattern that develops has the potential to be a life-long dynamic, a life pattern that feels synonymous with who we are. We can come to think of ourselves as ‘written in stone’, accepting who we are, how we react and behave without question. But they can stunt our growth, limit our potential, destroy relationships and ruin lives.

Sometimes these patterns are obvious because they are present and effect us on a daily basis, we feel bad, or sad, we yell at our children or feel irritated with our loved ones. Some are less obvious, have a more subtle deep, long lasting energetic effect and form everything from how we stand, move, to our sense of hope, openness, etc.

The goal of this work is to free yourself of these patterns, to re-write the script. If you are pulled to develop yourself, break open the box of possibilities and make choices about who you are, Dual Path Therapy may be what you’re looking for – just one or two sessions can be incredibly powerful!

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