A Conversation: Otherwise known as a consultation, this is our starting point. This 30-minute conversation is free and provides an opportunity for you to ask questions, to express where you are in your life and where you want to be, and an opportunity to for us to meet each other without any obligation.

Rates: $150/hour, $225/90-minutes, $300/2 hours

Cancelations: I have a 24-hour cancelation policy. Full payment is due for missed sessions or sessions canceled within 24-hours of the session.

Insurance: Insurance not accepted

Sliding Scale: A sliding scale is available on a limited basis. This is something we can discuss in our initial conversation.

Number of Sessions: Dual Path Therapy is not necessarily ongoing therapy. In many cases, just one or two sessions can make an enormous amount of difference.The amount of sessions is often dependent on a number of factors including: what brings you in, what your goals are, your progress, drive and follow through. Dual Path Therapy is used to achieve, to change, to understand. It is not lifelong in nature… however you will learn some skills you can use throughout your life.

Frequency of Sessions: Follow the call…what feels right? Every week, every 2-weeks, once a month? We can discuss this in our initial conversation and/or once you’ve started.

Hours: I endeavor to be available when you are, including early mornings, some evenings and Saturdays and Sundays.

Length of Session: You can choose an hour, 90-minutes or two hour session.

Generally, the longer sessions are for those who find massage & bodywork (related to the content and goal of the session) integral and allows for approx an hour of table time. However, even in the hour session, massage & bodywork can be a very powerful combination. The massage & bodywork in these sessions is always related to the content and the goal of the session and is most likely to be Sacred Bodywork.

Your fee covers the time-frame you have booked. At the same time, each session has a natural ending time, sometimes earlier than the end of your session and sometimes later (no more than 15-minutes either way). I set up the sessions this way to allow us to end when it feels natural to do so. Neither the therapist nor client is under obligation to use the maximum time or to require the other to use the whole of the time allotted.

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